The latest home invasion ( ABC: Gunman terrorises Hobart family in foiled break-in ) by a shotgun-armed raider again raises the very serious question: Has organised crime corrupted Tasmania Police?

At the very least, has the firearms registry been compromised? (TT raised this question last month ( Guns and solar ).

There are now too many stories; too many armed raids; too much fear among law-abiding gun owners …

In this latest raid ABC’s Edith Bevin revealed that the home invasion of the Mt Rumney registered firearms owner came just days after police carried out a firearms inspection at the property.

“About 70 break-ins this year have involved the theft of guns and several of them followed firearms inspections.

Police are confident their firearms database has not been compromised and say they do not believe there is any link between their inspection and the Mt Rumney home invasion.

More than 200 firearms were stolen in the financial year just ended, about double the number recorded the year before.

Hotels have revised security after a series of armed hold-ups and some businesses are now keeping less cash on their premises.”

TT has been told of one recent East Coast raid of a firearms lock-up specifically carefully hidden in a house. “The raiders knew exactly where to go and what to take,” this informant said. “How could they know that precisely if the firearms registry has not been breached … or worse, that Tasmania Police itself has been compromised?”

Surely, at the very least there has to be some political action. Someone surely has to take responsibility?