Battery Point is currently being festooned with ugly, thick, black, cables hanging from its already unsightly telegraph poles. Why, because the NBN have decided to follow the old copper wiring regardless of the dreadful visual impact and to the detriment of what is a vital part of our heritage.

The new follows the old, devoid of creative, sensitive and imaginative thinking. The poles now hold three services: Hydro, telephone and NBN. Surely it would not be out of the question for each to contribute to digging one sizable conduit which can cater for all three and dare I say it even gas.

Why is it so difficult for these agencies to actually think ahead, maybe even meet over a coffee or indeed something a little more mind expanding and actually co-operate, just a little, so that not only will they achieve their corporate goals but the aesthetics and beauty of the area can be loved and enjoyed by all for evermore.