I’ve been told that Wellington is like Hobart but different. Perhaps Hobart should sister city with Wellington?

Something to put out there (our current sister cities are in Italy (flatlined economy) and Japan (deflationary and getting some quantitative easing) the only reason for having these sister cities is, I think, they are nice exotic destinations for our politicians to visit at our expense. However, Wellington shares much of the climate, the size, the culture, the opportunities and would be a good sister city. But how boring for our politicians to go to *shudder* New Zealand when their mainland counterparts jet off to Paris etc.

Did you know that the sister city program fosters ‘…relationships [that] provide opportunities for the people of Hobart to make professional, educational, cultural and personal links with people from around the world.’ I wonder if you, as a member of ‘the people of Hobart’, know about this or have ever used it (except the politicians)? I think I might wander down to the HCC and ask for a ticket to Italy to make some ‘links’ with the people of L’Aquila…

For an excellent film that what a beautiful place is Wellington, watch: HERE:

See the HCC’s breathtakingly comprehensive and informative website about our sister city: HERE: