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Significant Progress on Coupe Re-Scheduling


Significant Progress on Coupe Re-Scheduling

The signatories to the Tasmanian Forests Agreement are today pleased to provide a public statement noting significant progress on the re-scheduling of coupes associated with the reserves provided for under the Agreement, particularly coupes associated with the World Heritage nomination.

The signatories thank Forestry Tasmania for their work in establishing the re-scheduling process and particularly in making quick progress in relation to coupes associated with the World Heritage nomination, and for the State and Commonwealth governments in committing to the funding required to enable the re-scheduling work.

“This is a significant step forward, and an important part of what is needed to provide certainty for industry whilst providing for a significant nature conservation outcome,” said Australian Conservation Foundation Executive Director Don Henry.

“We are asking our members and supporters and the Tasmanian conservation community to recognise that a transitional period is required to allow wood requirements to be met whilst logging schedules are moved from agreed reserves. The majority of coupes previously identified for logging inside the World Heritage Extension nomination will now not be logged and those coupes already underway will be finalised before the World Heritage Committee deliberations in June,” said Environment Tasmania spokesperson Phill Pullinger.

“This transitional period is required in order to ensure wood supply is available to mills, and we welcome the significant progress on this key issue,” said Terry Edwards, CEO of FIAT, “This is consistent with the terms of our agreement.”

The coupe re-scheduling update from signatories is as follows:-

1. With financial assistance from the State and Commonwealth governments, Forestry Tasmania has rapidly commenced work to re-schedule logging coupes outside of the agreed reserves provided for by the Tasmanian Forests Agreement 2012

2. In particular, there has already been significant progress by Forestry Tasmania on re-scheduling logging coupes outside of the proposed World Heritage nomination

3. An updated transitional schedule is attached and Forestry Tasmania has confirmed that this updated coupe schedule will be further reduced over time as the re-scheduling work continues. This ensures that the transitional schedule minimises any impact on the agreed reserves whilst securing wood supply for mills.

Fact Sheet: Progress on re-scheduling logging coupes outside of the proposed reserves



Phill Pullinger, Environment Tasmania, Terry Edwards, Forest Industries Association of Tasmania

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Frank Strie

    March 23, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Meanwhile the latest logging / forest mining news from the Upper Forth Valley on the Eastern Slopes, above the Lake Cethana:
    email in my inbox today:
    “Hi Frank,
    They are roading Lemonthyme again. We are about to be clear felled again
    Right next to LAO28A …”

    Now that logging coupe was a mess! If it had not been for the Lorinna Community that area would have turned into E. nitens. I have plenty of material to explain of what happened there. They even drained / redirected a stream in order to set the landing… – I could go on.

    These regrowth forests in the Forth Valley are high in species diversity and I can well imagine/ predict that there will be lots and lots of undersized special species trees that will simply be smashed up as part of the peeler mining operation.
    But it must be outside the Living Museum of the signatory ENGOs.
    Part of the “compromise”.
    Watch this space Phil& Co!

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