The Tasmanian Greens today expressed disappointment that the Minister would not step in and ensure that the Lilydale community was properly consulted about their water needs.

Greens Member for Bass, Kim Booth MP, said many Lilydale residents were concerned that consultation by Ben Lomond Water was more about telling the community what would happen than actually trying to find what their water needs are.

“Lilydale residents have contacted my office concerned about Ben Lomond Water’s plan to build a water pipeline from Mt Direction to Lilydale,” Mr Booth said.

“Residents say that about 80% of the Lilydale community do not want the pipeline because it will be costly and it will also mean that they will no longer be able to access the chlorine, fluoride and atrazine-free water from their local Mt Arthur system.”

“The Launceston Council voted to support the Lilydale community in their objection to the new pipeline, 12 to 1 and yet still Ben Lomond appears to proceed with their original plan to build the pipeline.”

“I have been informed that the pipeline will cost about $40, 000 per head because there are only 160 households in Lilydale. If that is true, then this is an enormous and costly project that will have to be cross-subsidised by the larger Launceston region.”

“It is not too late for Ben Lomond Water to undertake proper consultation and develop a more cost-efficient plan that suits the local community needs.”

“The Greens welcome Minster Green’s undertaking to look into the matter but the Lilydale community still needs reassurance that the Launceston City Council’s vote will be respected by Ben Lomond Water.”
Kim Booth MP Member for Bass Thursday, 21 March 2013