The Tasmanian Greens Infrastructure spokesperson Tim Morris MP today called on the Minister for Infrastructure to address serious safety concerns associated with left hand turn lanes on the Brooker Highway.

“I welcome the Minister’s commitment to consider the suggestion and refer this issue to the Road Safety Advisory Council,” Mr Morris said.

“Motorists turning left on several intersections on the Brooker Highway are often being blocked by motorists going straight ahead using these lanes as a drag strip, to try to get a few cars ahead.”

“I am hoping that the road safety council will be able to provide some advice on providing the obvious simple changes can be undertaken that will prevent drivers getting a reward for aggressive driving.”

“The cost of such changes would be minimal, just a can of paint and a couple of signs.”

“For safety and efficiency’s sake, these lanes would be more appropriately used by people turning off the highway, and prevent traffic banking up at any of these intersections,” said Mr Morris.
Tim Morris MP Greens Infrastructure Spokesperson Thursday, 21 March 2013