In this day and age most people are responsible and dispose of their rubbish thoughtfully.

Why doesn’t this apply to Forestry Tasmania?

They get rid of their waste just by setting fire to it wherever it lies.

It is mostly nonsense to say they have to burn because our forests need an ash seed bed, because they openly state they would rather put their waste into a biomass station.

A 70 % reduction in smoke means 70% of the burning is not necessary to generate an ash seed bed. FT can’t have it both ways.

In this day and age most people recognise that smoke is harmful and shortens lives.

This is why we have passed by-laws so people won’t smoke in cars with children, and won’t smoke in a variety of public places….even at bus stops.

It is why here in Tasmania we have the Distributed Atmospheric Emissions Regulations that deal with the burning of smaller wastes or fuels in the open.

No matter what spin FT put on it, their burning practices are harmful when their smoke covers our state and drifts into our lungs.

FT smoke really is on the nose.

It is susceptible groups that are hit first. The young, the elderly, those with asthma and COPD, those with cardiac disease, those who will get clots, DVT’s and PE’s.

Then it moves on to anyone that exercises or works hard outside.

Our whole lives have to change because FT is not made to comply with our environmental laws. They are not exempt. There are no exemptions except for TFS at times.

In this day and age the Bureau of Meteorology recognises there are shortfalls with air modelling when all the inputs are not available.

Every year there have been problems and people have breathed high levels of toxic smoke.

In this day and age we know that even slightly raised levels of wood smoke particulates for longer times are as bad as high levels for shorter times.

FT has not listened to our own respiratory specialist Dr. Jim Markos when they say they are going to burn for longer this season.

This is no different to giving someone a 100 cigarettes and saying don’t smoke them all at once.

In this day and age we would expect those forced onto life-saving medical equipment because of environmental factors, e.g. FT smoke, that they would be looked after.

Not so. The electricity rebate for life-saving medical equipment was not raised one cent this year. This is what some people have got to look forward to that cop smoke.

Cut back the burning that forestry say they do not have to do for ash seed beds, cut back the smoke, and increase the life-support rebate.

In this day and age we have to do more than just aim to ensure that none of our deliberate pernicious burns exceed the national air quality standards.

That is like me saying I am aiming to fly to the moon, or aimed to breathe clean air in previous years. Did it happen?

In this day and age FT feels the need to let the community know what is happening.

People only have to look skywards or follow their noses to know what FT is up to.

This is all about a public campaign to reduce the number of smoke complaints coming in, that’s all; not about reducing harm from smoke inhalation.

The formula has not changed. It is worked out on putting the maximum amount of particulates into an air shed; not the minimum.

The best thing to do is fill out a smoke complaint every time, every day, you smell or see smoke.

If we didn’t need to burn we wouldn’t?

“So it means that even though we generate smoke, we can’t absolutely guarantee that there will be a direct benefit as a result of it.”- Tony Blanks (Forestry Tasmania) ABC Stateline 20/8/2010.

In this day and age we wouldn’t need to burn if we didn’t.

Rural Tasmanians with asthma more likely to be hospitalised