Before the spill … water clear and ankle deep at the shore

Before … and after. Pic taken from the same spot

After …

The view from Mt Donaldson about 3 pm on the Monday

The Corinna picture was on the Tuesday afternoon about 2 pm

Re Mercury Newspaper article Saturday 16th March page 15: Spill at mine dam probed

The words Alex Schaap state in that article are incorrect.

I was camping with a group of people on the Corinna side of the Savage River at the bridge on Western Explorer road on Sunday the 10th of March.

At 4.00pm on that day we were in the river and the river at that site was no more than a metre deep and clear (picture).

At approximately 2.00 am on Monday the 11th of March, a loud rushing noise awoke several of us; it sounded like it came from the river. We did not investigate and went back to sleep.

At 6.00 am one of the party awoke to a gassy smell and on investigation found that the river had risen almost to the bottom side of the bridge roadway and was fast flowing and full of brown mud.

When it was fully daylight we found that the river had risen by 3 to 4 metres.

That day we climbed Mt Donaldson and from the track could clearly see where the muddy water from the Savage River met up with the tannin water of the Pieman River.

When we left on Tuesday the 12th the Savage River had dropped considerably but was still in flood and discoloured.

We drove to Corinna and crossed the Pieman which was now discoloured by the discharge from the Savage River.

This graph – HERE – shows no rain in the period in question and a highest rainfall of 2 mm. The muddy colour of the river is unusual as when the river rises it doesn’t usually get a sediment load, says one anonymous observer.