60 Minutes this Sunday will be covering the various perspectives on the Sue Neill-Fraser case in Tasmania.

The case involved the death and disappearance of Bob Chappell from the Four Winds yacht (pic) on Australia Day 2009. The case was an entirely circumstantial one and Sue has exhausted all avenues of appeal.

She is currently serving a term of 23 years imprisonment in the women’s prison at Risdon, on the outskirts of Hobart. Her family, lawyers and her many loyal friends and supporters, as well as concerned members of the community, are calling for an inquest into Bob’s death.

There is also a petition for mercy currently being prepared for submission to the Tasmanian Attorney-General. The case has some interesting parallels with other high profile cases such as Chamberlain (NT), Gordon Wood (NSW) and Mallard (WA), which were later proven to have been miscarriage of justice matters.

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