Monday 2pm, 10 December 2012

Call for Human Rights Impact Report on Prostitution in Australia

The Red Light Report

1pm, Monday, 10 December, 2012
Long Room, Parliament House, Hobart

Nordic Model Australia Coalition (NORMAC) will today, Monday the 10th of December, release The Red Light Report at an Information Session at Parliament House in Hobart.

NORMAC’s release of The Red Light Report on International Human Rights Day will contribute to the growing body of information and the movement in Australia pushing for an independent Human Rights Impact Report on Prostitution in Australia coupled with an independent Federal inquiry into the implementation of Nordic model laws in Australia.

To date, no Australian government has produced a Human Rights Impact Report on prostitution in Australia to guide policy development on prostitution laws. This is a serious omission. As a result the Australian community have been denied information that is in the public interest especially in regard to the success and growing international acceptance of Nordic model laws.

On the 4th December in Brussels, 200 civil society organisations participated in a conference in the European Parliament aiming at assessing 10 years of policies on prostitution in Sweden and the Netherlands. Along with the European Women’s Lobby they unveiled their Brussels call ‘Together for a Europe Free from prostitution’

Australia is lagging behind many nations now adopting civil society laws underpinned by human rights and gender equality and on Human Rights Day 2012 NORMAC is calling for prostitution laws in Australia to change.


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