TASMANIA’S Tarkine wilderness is set for a Franklin Dam-style showdown after talks between green groups and unions over disputed mining projects collapsed yesterday.

A 90-minute meeting in Sydney between delegates led by Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes and Greens senator Peter Whish-Wilson ended with each side accusing the other of being unwilling to compromise.

Scott Jordan, of the Tarkine National Coalition, part of the conservationist delegation, said his group had little option left but ”direct action”.

He said he ”absolutely” stood by previous remarks he has made warning of Franklin Dam-style blockades of mining projects in the area in north-west Tasmania.

The stoush ups the stakes for Environment Minister Tony Burke, who is at present considering parts of the area for heritage protection.

Mr Howes’ delegation proposed to the conservationists that, as an act of good faith,

they drop their protests against an iron-ore project by Venture Minerals, which could begin work as early as the start of next year.

Mr Jordan said this mine, and two other planned projects of the company, were the Tarkine group’s biggest concern in the area.

”You can’t give up your worst-case scenario as an act of good faith,” he said. ”It was clearly not an offer they thought we could seriously accept.”

Mr Howes told The Age there was no point in further talks.

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