Mt Wellington. Copyright Grant Dixon

The striking thing when reading the public submissions on the issues paper that informed the draft plan is the crossfire of different user groups. There’s the walkers, the dog walkers, the bikers, the horse-riders, the skiers and the people who don’t want to do any exercise at all, other than walking from their car to a café with a panorama that really enhances that necessary hit of caffeine.

There’s those who feel the Mountain is all about natural ecosystems and those who believe that great big looming lump of dolerite isn’t earning its right to exist if people aren’t making money out of it – especially right on the top of it.

Amazingly, reading the background material to the draft Management Plan, there are now 76 commercial operators in the Wellington Park, up from 25 in 2005. So already, in a low-key way, there’s abundant commercial activity.

Mythical cable cars aside, the commercial operation on the Mountain that comes most to mind is the old Springs Hotel …

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