Greens to Move for Parliamentary Inquiry

Tim Morris MP
Greens Member for Lyons
Monday, 15 October 2012

The Tasmanian Greens today said they would move in the Parliament this week to refer the controversial Copping category C waste cell to the House of Assembly Environment, Resources and Development Committee to investigate the adequacy of the processes that led to the issuance of a Planning Permit by the Sorell Council.

Greens Member for Lyons, Tim Morris MP, said that it was obvious that the processes followed by the regulatory bodies and the proponent did not follow the recommendations in the Landfill Sustainability Guidelines 2004, and that the community had legitimate concerns outstanding.

“The Greens’ proposed inquiry is designed so that the Parliament can determine if the shortcomings of the process that led to the issuing of the Planning Permit needs to be remedied,” Mr Morris said.

“The proposed inquiry is not intended to replace nor reassess the matters specifically considered by the Environment Protection Authority and Sorell Council, but to determine if the consultation was reasonable in the circumstances and to provide the community with a forum to air all of their concerns.”

“Since this is the first such hazardous waste proposal for Tasmania, and it is clear that the local community is very unhappy about the level of consultation, we expect the outcomes of this inquiry will assist in making sure that all such proposals are adequately consulted.”

“The disposal of contaminated waste to a C cell is to only occur as a last resort, after all options for recycling, reuse or reprocessing have been found not to be possible.”

“This is about finding the best way to deal with the legacy of contaminated wastes that we have inherited and must deal with,” Mr Morris said.

First published: 2012-10-15 04:05 PM