Students at the University who are concerned about plans to restructure the Faculty of Arts will have an opportunity next Tuesday to confront the Dean of the Faculty, and other members of University staff, about the restructure and the potential for it to impact on the quality of their education.

On Monday, 8 October, students were sent an email from Professor Susan Dodds, Dean of the Faculty, which attempted to explain the restructure and how it would impact students moving forward.

Georgia Allen, an Arts/Law student at the University, felt that this email raised more questions than it answered and has organised a forum featuring the Dean, the Acting Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, the Project Manager of the Restructure and several Heads and Deputy Heads of School, where students can directly ask questions of senior University management.

“I had a number of concerns and questions after reading the email, and after talking to other students, I know I’m not alone,” Ms Allen said.

“For example, the email did not make any mention at all of the impact of the restructure on students intending to enter postgraduate study. I know for a fact that a number of postgraduate programs, including Journalism and Asian Studies are not offered for 2013.”

Ms Allen also expressed severe disappointment in the manner in which the University went about informing students of the change.

“The restructure was approved by the University Council in May and the associated reviews, such as the Curriculum Review, have been going on for some time yet this email, sent shortly before students begin their exam period is the first official communication students have received

“When you have the National Tertiary Education Union having to involve Fair Work Australia to find out what these plans mean for staff at the University, what hope do students have?”

The forum will take place at 4.00pm on the 16th of October in the Centenary Lecture Theatre.