Now you see the roofing (Sunday, August 19, 2012) . . .

. . . now you don’t (Saturday, August 25, 2012)

I’m wondering if council can explain this new building construction strategy to the simple folk of Cygnet, most of whom didn’t want a new public toilet in the first place. Or am I missing something?

The toilet block in Loongana Park has been commissioned by Huon Valley Council. Hope the contract is a fixed-price job. If not, ratepayers could be shelling out even more wasted dollars (the most recent council estimate for the new block is about $230,000, against a $110,000 estimate for refurbishment of the now-demolished 40-year-old block).

In late 2008, it became apparent that council had blown $4 million on high-risk, exotic investments.

More recently, the drainage for the new pocket-park in Huonville, adjacent to the supermarket, had to be relaid after it was realised the first job had been botched. Don’t know how much that double shuffle cost.

It is not difficult to recall other extravagant council expenditures.

And now, in Cygnet, roofing goes up, and roofing comes down . . .