And so we gave her the last rites … ?* in subdued but elegant fashion with a sprinkling of local glitterati including the Premier and a champagne-glass full of local pollies, most of whom gripped their glasses by the glass rather than stem, thus strangling the bubbles. Philistines*.

Actually I’m not sure that last bit was entirely true. Certainly there have been countless social occasions attended by moi involving ham-fisted pollies whose etiquette in relation to holding a bubbles glass leaves a lot to be desired.

But as I recall, the glasses on Friday night at the intriguing and elegant closing exhibition (?*) of the Carnegie Gallery, were either short stumpy ones or standard wino. And there was a distinct absence of bubbles.

And there may lie a reason why the Carnegie is hosting its last exhibition (?*) Greer Honeywill, IN-Grained (exposed and disguised) 2003-2012. curated by Peta Heffernan and running until August 12.

Money … money has ceased to talk Carnegie-speak for Hobart City Council. After years showcasing contemporary Tasmanian art, craft and design (All about Carnegie here), it’s closing as a free-entry Council-sponsored gallery after this exhibition ends on August 12 (?*)

It’s long-term future: it may end up as a commercial gallery, or the maritime museum may creep upstairs to flood this glorious space.

The man doing the opening honours for what is a most beautifully presented exhibition last Friday night was Peter Poulet, until fairly recently Tasmanian Architect. (Mercury here).

A sad loss. And not only because this man knows how to hold a champagne glass …

Here’s what he had to say … but before I let him, I have to applaud a dining experience immediately after. It was in the Mill under the high ceilings of the old mill. And it was lovely … scrumptious appetizers, an appropriate medium-rare steak, then to-die-for cheeses … French (inc. Roquefort) and Bruny (a simply amazing over-matured soft with an exquisite edge). Pembroke pinot with that … No Trouble at Mill here, Mr Lethlean.

Now to Peter Poulet, and Peta Heffernan … and some more exhibition images and pointers to even more: Artz here
And the event is listed in TT What’s On

* I’ve since learnt that although Carnegie is scheduled to close … it may not yet be the end … or indeed IN-grained may not be the last exhibition. It seems there is still a chance the Carnegie could be saved if there is enough public support for it!

*Philistines: The word has entered the lexicon to describe brutish barbarism (is that tautological?). But history is written by the victors and the actual Philistine civilisation was apparently enlightened and advanced. They just lost …