Twenty one months after being suspended and investigated and banished as Royal Hobart Hospital Chief Executive Michael Pervan is back!

Tasmanian Times can reveal he has been appointed Acting Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services – the very position held by his nemesis David Roberts when Mr Pervan was suspended and accused of bullying.

His new appointment is for the period 2 July 2012 to 7 July 2012 inclusive.

Firmly on the outer is David Roberts (Margaretta Pos on David Roberts, here), Overview: Michael Pervan, David Roberts and the echoes of the UK case

It was then Secretary Roberts who was boss of DHHS when Mr Pervan was charged with bullying. David Roberts resigned on December 2, 2010, the day his three-year contract expired (Health loses its head)

A subsequent inquiry into the Pervan affair cost the state more than $100,000 ((Pervan: Probe terminated. Cost: $100,000 so far)

The appointment of Mr Pervan as Acting Secretary marks an astonishing three and a bit years for him..

From accusations of bullying and expulsion to Siberia he is now warmly embraced by Tasmania’s health and political establishment. It seems there is a perception within this establishment that they were badly misled over Mr Pervan …

First published: 2012-07-02 04:08 AM

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