I recently had the pleasure of hearing Gunter Pauli talk about the latest development on his vision to create 100 million sustainable jobs by 2020. Gunter the author of the Blue Economy and founder of the Zeri Corporation is a unique human being; he is to sustainability what Steve Jobs was to computing.

His concept of a Blue Economy is based on the premise that we need to be able to provide the basic needs for all, from what we have, we need to move from an economy where what is bad is cheap and what is good is expensive, to a system where the sustainable option is the cheapest and the best.

The following quote from a review of his book sums up his thinking on how to achieve a sustainable world. “The central principle of The Blue Economy is the idea of cascading nutrients and energy the way ecosystems do. A cascade is a waterfall. It requires no power; it flows with the force of gravity. It transports nutrients between biological kingdoms — absorbed minerals feed microorganisms, microorganisms feed plants, plants feed other species, with the waste of one being nourishment for another. Cascading energy and nutrients leads to sustainability by reducing or eliminating inputs such as energy and eliminating waste and its cost, not just as pollution but also as an inefficient use of materials. In ecosystems there is no waste because the by-products of one process are inputs to another process.”

So what is the takeaway for Tasmanian’s that we need to produce more from what we have and look on waste products as wasted opportunities! For example if we look his innovation 51 Biogas x Four – Revenue x Six ( ) the project resulted in the production of high quality Bio Gas by combining the treatment of waste water sludge and waste from the food and agriculture industry. Thus a waste product was turned from a cost to be controlled into an income stream.

Wouldn’t it be great to see on your water and sewage bill a rebate for the profits made from the generation of Bio Gas, which in turn could be used to fuel our vehicles, thus reducing our reliance on fossil fuel, just by going to the toilet.

So when your State and Federal politicians are giving you the proverbial, you could rest easy that they are doing their part for the environment and reducing your cost of living pressures.

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Authorised by Alex Muller, 57 Balmoral Road, Kingston Beach