I have been concerned over the past six months that your contributors don’t really understand the seriousness of the state of the health system in Tasmania.

I am a GP of 35 years’ involvement in care.

Things have been bad for years, but they are are 100 times worse now.

Hospitals can’t cope with both medical and surgical routine cases.

Patients have to wait months for even an acknowledgement of their referrals.

The hospitals have been underfunded for years.

Former Health Minister, now Premier Lara Giddings, alongside former Heath Department Secretary David Roberts.

How come people like David Roberts and Alice Burchill did not sort things out when they arrived on these shores. Was this not why they were invited?

It is easy to say that there will be unnecessary deaths; no-one believes it as they are considered as glib … but I can assure your contributors that this is very real.

So what will this observation of mine do?

Well, I think Tasmanian Times should start a reporting system of failures and invite involved parties to complete a survey.

No names. No pack drill …

Editors: Failures of the system can be reported as comments, below …

Cartland has 35 years of experience as a health professional. Cartland is not his real name.

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