Matt Landos; a vet who does so much more for all us animals on these issues than many doctors and regulators -who should and indeed do know better – makes these comments on this paper by Crews and Gore:

“The current Australian approach at the regulatory level resembles that of an ostrich, or three monkeys on a wall-deaf, blind and dumb, though this analogy unnecessarily denigrates ostriches and monkeys. I think the authors are spot on. I hope you all spread this knowledge far and wide to educate your profession, the public, and thence the politicians, that the status quo is a dumb choice for the future.”

It is up to us all to try and understand what is happening around and to us, and to take action to make politicians (our ultimate regulator) minimize our exposure to the chemicals and toxicants which produce many adverse impacts, many carried down through generations and many irreversible.

Dr Alison Bleaney (TPEHN)

About the commentary:

This commentary in Environmental Health Perspectives by David Crews and Andrea Gore provides a reality check about the irreversibiity of environmental contamination – we can never return to the world’s pristine state, even through mitigation. Future studies need to concentrate on understanding how exposures to contamination over the course of generations have modified wildlife and human health. Evidence indicates that such exposure has predisposed organisms to entirely different disease burdens, and has changed the ability of our bodies to respond to common life challenges.

Andrea C Gore, PhD
Gustavus & Louise Pfeiffer Professor
Pharmacology & Toxicology, College of Pharmacy
University of Texas at Austin

Download the Crews and Gore paper, Life Imprints: Living in a Contaminated World: