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How to be a responsive minister. UPDATE

Some 90 days ago Minister Green promised to look in to the circumstances associated with Coupe BA 388D. (The original story on TT HERE)

Lo and behold, today I received the expected response …


… crafted by his sycophantic minions in FT/FPA. Indeed the phraseology bears all the hallmarks of the arrogant one = the CFPO.

The letter suggests that all due “prescriptions” = his word, have been applied to flora and fauna etc. The real issue is that “the proscription” (note the subtle but important difference Minister and Premier in the word in quotes) for Tasmanian Devils was not addressed by FT/FPA and was the subject of the question by Kim Booth on 23 November, and I understand is still not answered.

I note also the supposed 30 metre buffer along Highland Lakes Road in your response. This is not correct Minister. The buffer in the FPP was increased to 50 metres after my solicitation by Bob Hamilton (now retired). How many more mistakes are actually in the advice that you Minister have received from FT/FPA – I have found two without trying!

For the past week my wife and I have had to associate with flatbeds, gravel trucks, bulldozers, excavators and rollers.as they used 800 metres of my only access road to drive a logging access track to within 100 metres of the boundary of the Liffey Falls WHA.

This is in total contravention of Clauses 26 & 27 of the IGA and demonstrates that FT, supported by the Minister and the Premier are the real Triple Bottom Line vandals e.g. Enviro/Socio/Economic.

The really important aspect of the photos is the proximity of the current termination of the logging access road to the boundary of the Liffey Falls WHA (within 100 metres) and the visual aspect that the coupe will ultimately attract from the lookout below Projection Bluff.

The entire cap of the coupe(from 890 meters to 800 metres elevation will be visible as a brown scar) and be a wonderful introduction for all tourists travelling from the south towards Deloraine.

Before and after depictions of the high point and southern end of your coupe BA388D from an observation points coming down from Pine Lake and below Projection Bluff.

Coupe BA388D before logging

Coupe BA388D after logging

But of course FT and the CFPO said categorically that there was no visual landscape effect. They also said that about the private logging around Tiger Hill Café and below Quamby Bluff – go and have alook yourselves and you will see the real vision of the honesty of the FT/FPA = Expansive with the Truth!

And the lovely Lara and talks with impunity about the “lies told by the ENGO’s etc”. She who lives in glass houses etcetc

Logging Access Rd off Mountain Rd 1

End of Access Rd – within 100 metres of Liffey
Falls WHA. Landing area on the right out of shot
Projection Bluff lookout on Highland
Lakes Rd is just visible through trees which in the FPP will be felled.
Entire coupe will be visible, but according to the CFPO = no visual landscape issues!

Rubbish on side of access road. Note size of trees, only peelers or chip quality, or should I say “seed plantation”

First published: 2012-02-21 01:26 AM

• UPDATE, Saturday, Feb 25:

Download Bryan Green’s response:

My response to his response:

Premier and Ministers,

I refer to the response from Minister Green to my various inputs over the past 90 days attached.

I note therein that the Minister states in part ….

“Code Prescriptions (sic) to protect special values including sandstone outcrops, cultural heritage,flora and fauna, in addition to a 30 metre buffer adjacent to the Lake G Highway , have been included in the Forestry Practices Plan …… A review of the planning process was undertaken by the Forest Practices Authority, which found the correct practices have been followed.”

Premier, I have previously rejected, both in writing and in person to the Minister, that the comment above is in fact an untruth that has been perpetrated by both FT and the FPA for the past 22 months in the context of Coupe BA 388D. That untruth has also been supported by the lack of competence, scrutiny, and diligence of both you and your Ministers.

I reference my post in Tasmanian Times that describes two basic errors in the Ministers letter that just highlights the incompetency of the referenced agency.


Today my assertion has been reinforced by the comment from Senator Milne :-

“Far from being sustainably managed, Forest Practice Authority chief, Graham Wilkinson has made it clear that Forestry Tasmania’s current practices do not meet scientifically based requirements for the protection of threatened species.”

Yet it would have been that same CFPO that would have written and endorsed the attached letter (complete with the two blatant errors) that endorses the quote in the letter from you Minister

I would ask you Premier to explain how you are able to condone, by your silence, when confronted with this irrefutable array of factual communications to your Minister, and copied to you, how this Minister is able to continue to function in his role in this palpably incompetent manner.

Minister Green, I would ask you to please explain why you continue to accept, with blinding faith, the advice of a failed CFPO who now has admitted the failings of FT, and by definiton his own Agency and he as head of the Agency!

And most importantly to you Minister Wightman, how can you as the “Protector of the Devils” ignore the independent (DPIPEWE) factual evidence that Facial Tumour Free Devils exist in the Liffey Falls WHA; that FT/FPA has no proscpition for their management, as evidenced by RTI material; and as per the comment by the CFPO that Forestry Tasmania’s current practices do not meet scientifically based requirements for the protection of threatened species.”

And why Premier is FT breaching Clauses 26…..

Clause 26: “If sourcing of wood supply from within the 572 000 hectares is considered to be necessary under any circumstances, the Governments will immediately consult with the Reference Group of Signatories and the Independent Verification Group….

……. without you Premier intervening and cessating their activities immediately.

An answer in less than 90 days would be appreciated.

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  1. Barnaby Drake

    March 1, 2012 at 8:10 pm

    Now we seem to have an ABE rather than a GBE in charge of Forestry, maybe you should take up your case with TAC. Tell them how Forestry is ignoring their ancient relics and putting a scar into the face of Quamby, the mountain that means ‘Mercy’ in their own language.

    This is the place where one of the last contingents were forced to jump off the edge of the mountain or be shot by the white farmers, and as they jumped they called out ‘Quamby – quamby’!

    Needless to say, they did not get any mercy.

    Maybe they themselves will be more merciful in dealing with this disgraceful logging coupe?

  2. Bronwyn Williams

    February 25, 2012 at 11:43 pm

    #5 ‘This is a joke and in now way resembles accurate landscape modelling to any useful degree. I hope the author didn’t pay someone for this photoshopped effort….A representation like this should be regarded as intentionally misleading and dismissed out of hand’.

    Perhaps, mjf, it was the work of that well-known master of digital manipulation – you know, the one who created the iconic ‘artist’s impression’ of the Gunns’ pulp mill featured at http://www.gunnspulpmill.com.au/index.php.

  3. mjf

    February 25, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    1) The roadside slash/salvage looks untidy and could have been better managed. Anything in there of commercial value which has been smashed is blantantly wasteful.

    2) How did Uluru become transposed onto coupe image ? This is a joke and in now way resembles accurate landscape modelling to any useful degree. I hope the author didn’t pay someone for this photoshopped effort. Groves, I’m sure you’re whincing at this apparition. This dominant brown smear does not reflect a partial harvest system, skyline retention, reserved or buffered areas or partially modified canopy textures. A representation like this should be regarded as intentionally misleading and dismissed out of hand

    3) I recommend the author sign the easement agreement asap as this will be one of the best quality allweather access roads anyone will ever enjoy. Plus you’ll get maintenance thrown in forever and a never ending supply of firewood easily accessible. What a winner. Oh, don’t tell me – probably opposed to burning and creating a bit of domestic smoke even.

  4. phill Parsons

    February 25, 2012 at 9:29 am

    FT has over allocated the resource and is out of wood so it is mining this higher altitude forest. If there is another rotation recovery of wood volume here will only be hastened by a change of the climate.

  5. John Powell

    February 21, 2012 at 9:32 pm

    Bronwyn, thank you for your support, and it is interesting, but not suprising that the usual supects …. are remarkably quiet.

    Truth always silences the nay sayers and FT/TasInc supporters

    Rest assured that the Professor has received all of my emails to the Minister etc over the past few months (and has not responded as he should not) and last night I sent this link to him and the good Dr Snowden with the following comment…

    Professor you need to read this and at the same time reflect on the Nick McKim article in The Mercury about “dinosaurs in the swamp”


  6. Bronwyn Williams

    February 21, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Mr Powell, the response from Minister Green is, unfortunately, as predictable as it is useless. He cannot refrain from smugly noting that Coupe BA388D ‘does not fall within the 430,000 hectares claimed by environmental non-government organisations and is therefore not part of the interim reserve established under the recent Conservation Agreement between the Australian and Tasmanian governments and Forestry Tasmania’.

    This coupe is, however, noted as an ‘Interim Reserve Area, as per the Kelty process’ in the god-forsaken Tasmanian Forests Intergovernmental Agreement. All other State forests that were up for grabs in the area adjacent to existing reserves in your region have been set aside for ‘immediate protection’. It seems peculiar that Coupe BA338D was overlooked for this honour.

    Maybe you could contact the Independent Forests Verification Group – led by Professor Jonathon West – and ask for an explanation of this anomaly. They are holed up and beavering away, at least part of the time, at the offices of the Australian Innovation Research Centre, Level 5, Galleria Building, 33 Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania 7000, telephone 6226 7384.

    While you’re at it, you could check how the whole ‘verification’ thingy is going.

    Keep annoying the hell out of them!

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