The Tasmanian Greens today acknowledged World Wetlands Day and reinforced the need for an end to the annual recreational duck-shooting season, which is scheduled to open again in March.

Greens Environment spokesperson Cassy O’Connor MP said that a declaration that the annual native duck kill will not be occurring would be a meaningful way to truly celebrate Tasmania’s wetlands.

“I am sure Minister Wightman does support World Wetlands Day, but his Labor Party has no credibility on this issue while Tasmania still allows native ducks to be shot in our wetlands, many of which are listed on the international RAMSAR Convention of Wetlands of International Importance,” Ms O’Connor said.

“This year’s theme of ‘Wetlands and Tourism’ couldn’t be more fitting than here in Tasmania, and it would be best observed by encouraging people to shoot photos, not wildlife.”

“March will see the shameful opening yet again of the three month native duck slaughter. It would be a fantastic birthday present for our precious and vulnerable wetlands for the wild ducks that rely on them to be safe from shooters.”

“We need an end to the annual slaughter of native water fowl, which most Tasmanians agree is cruel, senseless and damaging to the environment.”

“Other States have banned this cruel and out-dated practice, and the Greens pledge on this World Wetland day to move in Parliament to put an end to it here, and really give our wetlands something to celebrate.”

“Successive Labor Ministers have failed to appreciate the complex nature of our coastlines, or the value of estuaries, which provide habitat that helps to underpin the health and sustainability of our waterways and fisheries,” Ms O’Connor said.

There are five native wild duck species which it is legal to shoot during the annual season: Black Duck, Grey Teal, Chestnut Teal, Mountain Duck and Wood Duck.