Alderman Philip Cocker today expressed his disappointment that the CEO of TASCOSS Tony Reidy had joined the media spin of the Property Council.

“It is somewhat bemusing that the CEO of TASCOSS who represents the disadvantaged has signed on to the amalgamations campaign being driven by the big end of town based on dubious polling and false economics.

I would urge Mr Reidy to examine more closely the motivations of the Property Council and the research evidence that suggests that costs may rise for many ratepayers as a result of amalgamations.

The continuing line by the Property Council that there are massive savings to be had can be shown to be false wherever you look at amalgamations that have occurred previously in Australia and overseas.

On the 29th of September the Examiner newspaper quoted Mary Massina from the property council who said “she agreed that interstate research did not show that other states had made substantial cost savings from amalgamation”.

I ask Mr Reidy on what factual evidence did he sign on to this campaign and what research he conducted for himself before joining his organisation to the Property Council’s campaign?

Mr Reidy is running the risk of doing the people he represents a major disservice by perpetuating the myth that council amalgamations will produce significantly lower costs for people.

“It is false and can be proven to be false.

“I urge him to reconsider and I would be happy to provide him with proper research on these matters.

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