The Tasmanian Conservation Trust would like to draw attention to the fact that public submissions on the Wellington Park Management Plan Review: Issues Discussion Paper are due by December 9 (next Friday).

For anyone who is not aware of the review, here is a bit of background information:

In early November of this year, the Wellington Park Management Trust (WPMT) released an Issues Discussion Paper for public comment. The paper was part of the Trust’s review of the Wellington Park Management Plan 2005.

The discussion paper takes into account opportunities, issues and concerns raised during earlier consultations undertaken with a number of groups such as park users, visitors and management agencies. The paper considers a variety of directions that may be employed in the future management of the park and which may form the basis a new management plan that will be drafted in early 2012. The most contentious issues in the Paper include:

• 2.4: Future Opportunities
• 2.5: The Springs
• 2.6: The Pinnacle
• 4.2: Mountain Biking
• 4.4: Dog Walking
• 4.5: 4Wheel Drive access
• 4.7: Para Gliding and Hang Gliding (Free Flying)
• 4.8: Horse Riding
• 4.9: Registered Trail Bikes and other roistered motorized off road recreational vehicles
• 7.3 Alternative forms of vehicular access to the summit of the Park eg Cable Car
• 7.4: Heli Pad at the Summit

Following the receipt of submissions, the WPMT will then consider if further consultation within the community is needed in order to refine details of specific management issues and actions.

Further details about the Management Plan review can be found at The direct link to the Issues Discussion Paper is

The deadline for comments on the Issues Discussion Paper is December 9, 2011.

Please feel free to contact the Tasmanian Conservation Trust if you have any questions regarding this process.



Pictures: Toby Rowallan