Forestry chief Bob Gordon, left, and Minister Bryan Green

Whether it’s this coupe BA388D, (Forestry Tasmania’s arrogant trashing of Aboroginal and settler history) or another, how about with a bit of goodwill and cooperation from all sides we actually adopt the boring and predictable demeanour of a cost accountant and record the cost and quantity info in respect of each coupe… a type of real time experiment as to whether the fabled riches ensue, or whether harvesting the coupes are just a last ditch attempt to provide a bit of cash flow to the beleaguered contractors while the befuddled Government dithers with any IGA implementation.

It’s pretty easy to work out the roading costs, the capital outlays, but also the timber being removed, its destination, the costs of the removal, the royalties receivable by FT, the eventual sale prices of all the components of the fallen timber, the replanting costs, and that would make it very easy to ascertain the revenue and costs from each coupe.

Such info would remove a large unknown that provides fertile ground for all the claims and counter claims about the economics of harvesting native forest coupes.

I offer my services to process any information on the costs and revenues from harvesting coupes.

I know that FT probably does this already but they are always seem reluctant to tell us too much, commercial in confidence and all that.

Now that Mr Sidebottom is a Parl Sec, as is his counterpart Sen Colbeck, it could be a second to none opportunity to collect some real time cost and quantity info to determine exactly who is telling porkies, or more to the point who might end up without cossies when the tide goes out.

How about it guys?

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John Lawrence was employed as an economist for five years before returning to Tasmania where working life has been spent as an accountant in public practice. Tasmanian Times awarded him The TT Tasmanian of the Year Award this year for his ability to forensically dissect and reveal the true state of Tasmania’s budget, and the shakey financial condition of Forestry Tasmania and Gunns Ltd (All John Lawrence articles, HERE)