Saul Eslake, Director, Productivity Growth Program, the Grattan Institute has been asked, along with Jude Munro (former CEO of the Brisbane and Adelaide City Councils) and Stephen Hains (former CEO of the Salisbury City Council in South Australia) to constitute an ‘expert panel’ to advise on reform options for local government in Southern Tasmania.

Unlike past efforts at local government reform, this hasn’t been driven by the State Government, but rather from the twelve councils which comprise the Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority, while funding for this exercise has come, in part, from the Commonwealth Government.

As part of the consultative process which the Panel is undertaking, Saul Eslake has written the paper on Local Government Reform and the Southern Tasmanian Economy.



For more details on the Future Options for improved Local Government in Southern Tasmania, and opportunities to participate in the consultation process, please see