News Limited will change its name in an attempt to cure its perception as an “arrogant newspaper company” that is “difficult to deal with”.

The wide-ranging treasure trove also reveals News will launch an “Australian digital pass” across all its mastheads beginning in November when The Australian and portions of the tabloids start to be locked down. One log-in would provide access to all of News’
Australian sites with the possibility of an overarching paid content aggregator. Previously, the company had provided no detail on its paywall strategy.


A list of “hot topics” for implementation include accountability, standing up for consumers, accuracy, owning up to mistakes, and environmental, sustainability issues.


Internally, the News Limited sales structure is depicted as a siloed schemozzle, with “national brands activity … unstructured and managed ad-hoc by mastheads and online brand teams”. A solution is provided by the hiring of a “national brand manager”. Other media companies including Seven, Nine and Fairfax have centralised sales teams that News sadly lacks. As a result “News is seen as slow and difficult to deal with”.

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