I think for once I agree with that Green and now Gunns hater Erich Abetz, the dear but simple Hodgman and the pro-forestry workers campaigner Dimity Hirst.

Tear up the Agreement and let the Tasmanian Upper House vote it down.

This will clean up the industry as they exit stage right and prevent the players remaining on the drip until the next Government taxpayer funded bailout.

All the current operators in this charade reflect a state of play brought about by debt, caused through greed, poor buiness decisions and bad management.

As a result they are either now in administration, the hands of the bank or bankrupt – FEA, Great Southern, Timbercorp, Gunns, Forestry Tasmania and the contractors.

This despite the fact that the State Forests over which they are fighting belong to us the people and cost the principal player Forestry Tasmania, at the start of this one time gravy train, absolutely nothing.

Tearing the IGA up means that the taxpayer gets to keep the money, $275 million and the industry for a change will have to fend like ordinary mortals for itself.

This should be the end of the matter.

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• Richard Colbeck: Governments cannot ignore Tasmanian community

Senator for Tasmania
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries and Forestry
Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Innovation, Industry and Science
21 August 2011

Governments cannot ignore Tasmanian community

The Prime Minister and the Premier must start listening to the Tasmanian community and ditch the failed forestry Intergovernmental Agreement, Coalition Forestry Spokesman Senator Richard Colbeck said.

Senator Colbeck heard this message loud and clear today listening to 1000 people rally at Smithton in protest against the industry-destroying deal.

“The governments cannot ignore 1000 voices at Smithton today and 2000 voices in Hobart on Saturday. The Prime Minister and the Premier must start listening.

“At both rallies community representatives told of pain and anguish felt by individuals and businesses that has been caused by the uncertainty of this deal.

“Tasmania’s forest industry supporters are tired of broken promises. They are tired of the majority being dictated to by a minority.

“They want government to govern for all Tasmanians, not just 10-15 per cent.

“They want their elected representatives to put the jobs of the community before their own – the people of Tasmania must come first.

“Local communities like Smithton don’t want to be locked out of their own back yards.

“But the Greens and the environmental activists don’t want to let anyone in.

“They want to lock out forestry. They want to lock out mining. They want to lock out recreation. They even want to lock out tourism.

“Today the people of Circular Head said enough is enough.

“It is time for Labor to stand up to their Greens cronies and put the interest of the wider Tasmanian community first.

“The views of communities like Circular Head, and the support across Tasmania for our forest industries, should not and must not be ignored by the governments.

“It is time to ditch this sham deal,” Senator Colbeck said.

First published: 2011-08-21 06:28 PM