Dear Ms Gillard, Mr Abbott and Senator Brown,

We believe Australia needs a full Parliamentary inquiry to publicly scrutinise the media landscape as a whole: what’s working, what’s not and what we can do to change things for the better.

Specifically, the inquiry must examine how to promote higher standards, protect people’s privacy while guaranteeing the freedom of the press, stimulate a more diverse media marketplace, and ensure that problems and complaints can be handled simply, fairly and effectively.

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• The future of news

In his special report for The Economist on the future of news, Tom Standage writes about the great historical irony at the heart of the current transformation of news. ‘The industry is being reshaped by technology – but by undermining the mass media’s business models, that technology is in many ways returning the industry to the more vibrant, freewheeling and discursive ways of the pre-industrial era.’


Wonderful program! It reminded me of the timeline depicting when newspapers in their current form will become insignificant around the world

Future Exploration Network

i look forward to the time when the murdochs of this world will become insignificant, along with their propaganda.

i hope their organs shrivel.


Tom Standage

Digital Editor at The Economist magazine.
Story Researcher and Producer

Muditha Dias

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First published: 2011-08-11 04:24 PM

• Monday, August 15, from Anonymous: The outsourcing of Mercury subbing is happening, this time to be done by Adelaide Newscentral subs, starting as soon as this week. So much for the protests earlier this year …

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