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A win for Sumatran tigers!

We have some great news! IGA has met yours and our demands to end its role in rainforest destruction. The supermarket chain has agreed to rule out using Indonesia’s biggest forest destroyer – Asia Pulp & Paper (and affiliates) – to supply its toilet paper products. No more wiping our bums with critical tiger habitat!

Up until this week, IGA was APP’s biggest Australian customer. Dropping APP is great news for Indonesia’s rainforests, endangered Sumatran tigers and our climate. It’s also a great win for people power – thank you for taking action!

This campaign to shift IGA is part of our larger campaign to stop the rapid destruction of Indonesia’s rainforests. We’re urging other companies to also end their contracts with notorious APP, such as the toy industry. Last month, Lego was the first toy company to stop using APP for its packaging.

Not only do we pressure companies to clean up their supply chain, we document the destruction on the ground, expose the forest destroyers, lobby decision makers and work with local communities to create positive change.

We recently sent you information regarding this work and the new IGA commitment is testament to its importance. We must continue to apply pressure and build on the momentum of this great breakthrough. APP is trying to rapidly expand its operations in Australia. Now is the time to ensure other companies follow IGA’s lead and not buy from rainforest destruction.

Please support this critical work with a tax-deductible donation. If you have already donated, thank you so much.


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