In a sign that our State Government is as transparent and honest as it has always been, it seems Lara is sticking to her word and won’t be sponsoring the footy in Hobart. I had been informed Workplace Standards would be footing the bill instead. Close, but no free Sherrin … it seems it’s TT Line. It’s still another clever investment of scarce resources.

Ferries to sponsor Roos into Hobart
ABC Online

Tue 07 June 2011

State-owned company TT-Line will sponsor AFL club North Melbourne to
play two games a year at Bellerive.

The Premier, Lara Giddings made the announcment at Bellerive Oval
flanked by officials from North Melbourne, the AFL and the ferry

TT-Line will spend one and a half million dollars over three years on the deal.

Ms Giddings was forced to find a third-party sponsor because of the
State’s grim financial position, which prompted pressure from
Tasmania’s public sector unions which are expecting severe job cuts in
next week’s Budget.

The deal also triggered outrage from the State’ north which fears the
deal will jeopardise Launceston’s government-funded Hawthorn deal.

• Nick McKIm …

Nick McKim MP
Greens Leader

The Tasmanian Greens today said that the Premier’s announcement that the TT Line would sponsor AFL games at Bellerive was a win for common-sense, now that the money will not be coming out of State Budget coffers and therefore no cuts to services as a result.

Greens Leader Nick McKim MP said that while the Greens could provide in-principle support for the alternative model involving the TT Line GBE, they reserve the right to scrutinise the detail of the arrangement.

“This alternative model is a win for common-sense, and recognises the validity of the concerns raised by the Greens and others in the community, that funds from the State Budget being used to bring AFL games to Bellerive is not the top budget priority for the Government,” Mr McKim said.

“We give in-principle support to this alternative model, on the basis that it is off-budget with no taxpayer money coming from the State coffers, and of course we reserve the right to scrutinise the details of the deal and its implementation.”

“The Greens have always said that any funds to get this arrangement over the line should not come at the expense of services to the Tasmanian community. This has been delivered.”

“The Greens and others who argued for the State Budget not to be used can feel pleased to have influenced the Premier’s decision,” Mr McKim said.