This Tarkine Tourism Investment is Appropriate and Welcome for Region

The Tasmanian Greens today called on Minister for Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, to update the Parliament on the progress of the newly revised two-stage Tarkine Loop Road upgrade, which has replaced the previously divisive proposal.

Greens Member for Braddon, Paul ‘Basil’ O’Halloran MP, said the planning of stage one should be completed and called for an updated timeline on when work would begin building on the new tourist infrastructure.

“Stage one of the Tarkine Loop road project, which replaced the previous divisive proposal, will provide better tourism infrastructure for the North West Coast, and should begin if planning has been completed,” Mr O’Halloran said.

“The widening and sealing of the existing roads from Tayatea Bridge through to the Kannunah Bridge has been agreed to by key stakeholders, and presumably the planning has been completed to allow for construction to begin soon.”

“The eastern section, which will be built first, is expected to begin at end of this year with a construction timeframe of 12 months, increasing the ability to provide geotourism on the North West Coast.”

“Now that the ball is rolling on stage one, we cannot let stage two fall by the wayside. Planning and key stakeholder consultation needs to be completed as soon as possible so that the construction of stage two can flow on easily from the end of stage one and increase the tourism potential,” Mr O’Halloran said.
Paul ‘Basil’ O’Halloran MP, Greens Member for Braddon