I can reveal the first sketchy details of secret plans of a private company to build wind turbines on Woodcutters Point, Bruny Island.

Woodcutters Point has a commanding position on the D’entrecasteaux Channel opposite Oyster Cove.

The wind turbines—huge structures—would fundamentally alter the whole nature of the Channel for locals, shackies, fishermen, yachties, daytrippers and tourists.

The site, as well as being highly visible from considerable distances up and down the Channel, on Bruny, and from the mainland of Tasmania, is listed on the Tasmanian Heritage Register* as ‘a key location in early conciliation efforts between settlers and Aborigines and the site of a rare post-1843 sod hut.’

According to Heritage Tasmania, ‘the area played a key role in Lt-Gov Arthur’s attempt to ‘conciliate’ the Tasmanian Aboriginal population, beginning with the Nuononne people, members of a wider south-east tribe, in the late 1820s.’

Bruny Island is famed for its birdlife, attracting birdwatchers from around the world.

Wind turbines, famed for slicing up birds, can only have a disastrous impact. There is also the question of noise and the growing issue of infrasound, the sub-audible but damaging soundwaves emitted by wind turbines.

And what of the growing tourist potential of Bruny? How will the idea of this pristine island at the end of the world be reconciled with this gigantic industrial infrastructure?

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**Pictures: Rob Walls: Wind farm: Albany 26 April

Yet another mind-mill this one from South Australia:


*Tasmanian Heritage Register:

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