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Community Groups Shut out of Shed

Community groups are being asked to pay too much for hire of Princes Wharf Shed 1, according to Greens Alderman Helen Burnet

Ald Burnet met with community groups yesterday who were looking at staging events in PW1 later this year. Representatives were concerned about the viability of their events, given the price hike with the new hire fee structure.

Lissa Villeneuve has organised the highly successful Sustainable Living Expo, which has been held in PW1 for the past 2 years. Last year the event attracted over 10,000 people over the weekend event.

“Sustainable Living Tasmania a not-for-profit organisation, and this year we are facing a significant price hike from to hold the event at the Shed – from $1500 last year to $9800 + GST. Venue hire fees will be 10% of overall costs.

“We were the first event last year in the new shed, and feel that this is a very good space for our community event, particularly as “the Shed” has been recycled and has many good environmentally sustainable features. It will be a pity to have to take the event elsewhere” Ms Villeneuve said.

Virginia Bashford from the Migrant Resource Centre is organising a multicultural festival later this year. She wanted to hold the annual Peace Festival in PW1. “This is a very good venue for community events, with a good atmosphere, acoustics and set up for the many diverse activities we are programming for the Peace Festival. However, the costs are beyond what we can afford, and whilst we would like to hold the event at PW1, we may have to go elsewhere” she said.

Alderman Burnet wants the Shed owners – Treasury – come up with a different pricing mechanism that doesn’t discourage community organisations from using this fabulous space.

“From the outset when former Premier David Bartlett announced the Shed’s refurbishment, it was very exciting to think that it would be a place for the Hobart community to use and enjoy. What transpires is that community groups are not welcome unless they have deep pockets.

“Community groups should not be off-setting the cost for other organisations who can legitimately afford the shed hire.

“It is important that the Shed is in use throughout, and that it is used by a diversity of groups.

Does the State government want a fantastic and dynamic space that is used constantly throughout the year, or does Treasury want to run community groups away from this and leave it as an empty under-utilised barn?

Ald Burnet was also very concerned about cost-shifting by the stae government. It was likely that ngo’s would be asking the Hobart City Council for funding to cover venue hire.

“I do not believe that Council instead of the state government should have to subsidise community groups who are not getting any grant to host their events at the Shed. We can be certain that there are community groups and ngo’s who have and will be approaching Council to help cover these costs, but it is not, in my opinion, Council’s role to do this.

Alderman Burnet called on the Treasurer and Premier to reconsider this fee structure and to ensure that it was financially viable for local community groups.

• Meanwhile, New York Times: Across Europe, Irking Drivers Is Urban Policy

Christoph Bangert for The New York Times

Cities including Vienna to Munich and Copenhagen have closed vast swaths of streets to car traffic. Barcelona and Paris have had car lanes eroded by popular bike-sharing programs. Drivers in London and Stockholm pay hefty congestion charges just for entering the heart of the city. And over the past two years, dozens of German cities have joined a national network of “environmental zones” where only cars with low carbon dioxide emissions may enter.

Likeminded cities welcome new shopping malls and apartment buildings but severely restrict the allowable number of parking spaces. On-street parking is vanishing. In recent years, even former car capitals like Munich have evolved into “walkers’ paradises,” said Lee Schipper, a senior research engineer at Stanford University who specializes in sustainable transportation.

“In the United States, there has been much more of a tendency to adapt cities to accommodate driving,” said Peder Jensen, head of the Energy and Transport Group at the European Environment Agency. “Here there has been more movement to make cities more livable for people, to get cities relatively free of cars.”

To that end …

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And, Alderman Cocker rejects big rates rise

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  1. Robert Vincent

    July 1, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    Perhaps there is a different approach – the gold coin solution is a good one – the State Govt. could take a 10% share of profits of functions or simply a gold coin for those who pass thru’ the entrance. You could even introduce it as part of the metro card that you simply swipe and the revenue could be used for the continual cleaning, maintenance, management of the shed to keep it up to scratch. I have always thought the building should actually house an extension of the Salamanca Market thus overcoming the wind and rain problem for patrons to the market. It certainly could then have an anchor group of tenants and the gold coin solution would produce a revenue stream.

  2. Robin Halton

    June 30, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    #9 Philip, goodness me you are such a spoil sport! You leave my Helen alone! I am sure she will approach Treasury to ensure that we all get a fair go with the usage of PW1

  3. Robin Halton

    June 29, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    #8 Its up to you Helen and your council to meet with Treasury to put an end to this public discrimination that currently excludes bona fide groups with tight budgets, fund raisers and promoting many good things that the public deserve to have the opportunity to enjoy.
    It is about sharing PW1 with the public. Resulting from a public survey the shed was to be retained, the funding came from the Bartlett government for the revamp which I notice must be in its final stages this year!
    The Treasury must not be allowed to continue to withhold groups from staging events due to the unreasonable rental pressures it is applying, the discrimination must stop.
    Regular usage of the shed must add to the “vibrancy” of the waterfront and the CBD by attracting more people to the city!

  4. Philip Lowe

    June 29, 2011 at 12:29 pm

    It isn’t just a shed Helen,it’s a big concrete white elephant with an annual one hit wonder.It’s a big concrete shed and if the people of Sydney had had the same vision and lack of imagination there would be a renovated tram shed where the Opera House now stands.Anything so’s you can get your knickers in a twist and your name in the news.It looks like a ponced up chicken shed.

  5. Helen Burnet

    June 29, 2011 at 2:20 am

    There is a significant risk that unless Treasury realises the benefits of filling the Shed for as many days as possible with many different activities, then those who are lining up to use it will walk away.

    A mix of cost-recovering activities (conferences, trade displays. concerts) and not-for-profit activities will provide the balance of use for PW1.

    Do we want to see an empty building, or one which could be showcasing and hosting a range of local events as well as fee-paying ones? Many ngo’s and community groups have tight budgets at the best of times, and with slim margins do not have the financial capacity to pay such high fees.

    It is very difficult for community organisations to find state government grants with suitable criteria to cover these high fees. The upshot is that many groups will come to Council asking for assistance, which doesn’t allow Council’s grant funding to really serve its main purpose.

    Treasury needs a re-think: do they want the Shed used, or do they want the space empty more often than not? Let’s have a fairer fee structure that showcases and promotes local groups, rather than pushing them away.

  6. Philip Lowe

    June 28, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    There must be some kind of a vote for someone in this.Nothing moves in Tasmania that isn’t political.Slither baby,slither.

  7. Robert Vincent

    June 28, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    PW1 should be for public events after all these years of making money as a car park. Car parking should subsidise cultural and social activities. Lets divert some of the revenue from car parking towards the public space and bring the Hobart and the Salamanca alive again and to its full potential as a people place.

  8. Robin Halton

    June 28, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Compared to the City Hall which is little more than a miserable cold dark hole the revamping of PW1, a part of the plan was meant to be a visionary approach for providing community groups with decent facilities in a large, clean,well lit, environmentally friendly and uncluttered space!
    Well that is the way I look at it!

    It must not be seen as a cash cow for the State Treasury to charge bona fide fund raising community groups “full rates.”
    By contrast the State Government is already throwing far too much money towards football!
    Recently my wife an I attended the African Day in the City Hall, unfortunately the venue was over crowded, extremely noisy and difficult to communicate among people that we knew in the crowd!
    PW1 would have been ideal for this function of this nature.
    Ald Burnet has made a valid point and I would see more value with PW1 if it were to be used regularly and not occasionally for well healed and exclusive events such as Taste of Tasmania.

  9. Robin Halton

    June 28, 2011 at 3:17 am

    #1 Sam, Here I was giving former Premier Bartlett some praise as PW1 revamp was only one of a few successful government ventures that he was involved with to not only to improve the Taste but a whole range of events that provide a benefit the community too
    Treasury by charging unrealistic fees to community groups goes against the grain of the original intention of the upgrade!
    I have no doubt the the Council under Deputy Mayor Burnet will pursue this with Treasury immediately as it is unreasonable for bono fide community groups to feel unwelcome to rent the facility because of ridiculous overcharging rates.

  10. Terry

    June 28, 2011 at 1:41 am

    I agree with comment 1 but reading the other press releases brings other contradictions between the greens on Hobart Council eg green Helen wants the shed for free for her green mates but green philip wants taste patrons to pay. Please explain greens?

  11. Stop Whingeing

    June 28, 2011 at 1:31 am

    I would have thought that there are now dozens of BER school halls available for cheap hire, not to mention the 20 ($13 million worth) that will soon be gathering dust as their schools close; for community groups. Why whinge about the one shed you can’t afford?

  12. Sam

    June 27, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    sorry Helen, but not all things in life are free.

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