Your kind gifts to Tasmanian Times have enabled the first part of a website tweak*, as well as paying for extra bandwidth and site costs as TT leaps forward at a rather dizzying pace. Click on News (Top Nav Bar) and there is your dropdown portal to a selection of some better news, thought, business, sport sites worldwide.

Advertisements are now also fully displayed in the right column, with the ads rotating for top position. At the bottom of the Landing Page (Page1) there is a pointer,Click to Page 2, 3, 4, 5, The Rest. This now takes you directly to Page 2, 3, well, the rest. Further tweaks to the left column, of Cartoons, Recent Comments etc will follow.

Thank you again for your Support of Free Media. We welcome all contributions, and try to publish most. If your email goes unacknowledged (and is there anything worse than that?) please write again, because some days are pretty overwhelming.

Blessyou. On we charge,

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