Saturday May the 14th – 11.30 AM. Royal Park, Launceston*.

TAP Into A Better Tasmania is organising a rally and march in Launceston. We are working with all like minded groups state wide to send a clear message to the state government and the opposition that they have betrayed Tasmanians and democracy in our state.

Are you disappointed with the way in which “your” government and the opposition continue to support Gunn’s Limited proposed Tamar Valley Pulp Mill? Are you “sickened to the stomach” when you repeatedly see organised covert assistance and resources being given; in so many ways to prop up this 7 year old proposal?

If so, please join us on May the 14th in Royal Park Launceston.

This protest will not only prominently feature the anti pulp mill campaign, but it will also focus on the relentless destruction of Tasmania’s environment. The poisoning and increasing toxicity of our rivers and drinking water supplies, the dreadful damage done to our ancient forests, the utter contempt being shown towards the treasure house of precious Aboriginal artefacts. Plus the abysmal standard of representation, state governance and management of our money and resources being show to our young people.

We are very concerned with the steady deterioration in our health services and hospitals; the increasing neglect of the education of our young people, the disgraceful poker machine corruption, and a government that increasingly ignores the needs of the disabled and elderly. We are demanding an end to the relentless tendency to place the profits of foreign and mainland owned corporations ahead of the health and well-being of people.

If you share these concerns, please join us on May the 14th at Royal Park Launceston.

TAP Needs and asks for your support, assistance & donations.

Support: Come to the Rally, car pool, hire a bus, keep up to date on TAP,s website, Twitter, Face Book or at the next TAP meeting 7.30PM, Thursday the 28th of April at Riverside Community Centre at the Riverside High School – off Brownfield Lane -West Tamar Hwy, Launceston.

Assist: By telling all your family members, friends, acquaintances, and your social club about the rally – and by forwarding this email to every person you know, to your club members and particularly to young people.

1) By Pay Mate on the TAP website.
2) By Direct Transfer to –Tasmanians Against the Pulpmill INC, BSB. 067 022 A/C. 10022503.
3) By cheque and mail – Tasmanians Against the Pulpmill INC. C/O J. Day. 551 Rowella Road, Rowella. Tasmania 7270.
4) At the Next TAP meeting.

All donations will go towards these typical expenses:
* $20 =printing of 20 rally bumper stickers that will be seen by thousands.
* $50 =funds 200 brochures delivered to households by volunteers.
* $100 =funds the hosting of this website for 1 year.
* $200 =funds one third of the meeting venue hire for informing 600 people.
* $1000 = one quarter page advertisement in one daily newspaper.
* $2000 = 30 seconds of television advertising

“We thank you for your help, together we can make a difference.”

This rally will draw attention to the long, appalling history of lies, bribery, cronyism and arrogance by the very people elected to represent us.

TAP Into A Better Tasmania is a non-party political community group fighting Gunns’ proposed pulp mill. For more information AND TO RECIVE UPDATES email, see or Twitter # tapvision or FaceBook: Tasmanians Against The Pulp Mill (TAP).

*Due to the relatively short time available to organise a huge rally in Hobart we have changed the rally venue to Launceston. We still fully intend running a rally in Hobart, probably in August .

*Dave … and,

Karl Stevens: