Hobart – in the Urban Dictionary
(From: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Hobart)

1. hobart
Underrated college, basically a continuation of everyone’s high school/boarding school who attends here. Beautiful people, beautiful campus. It might have a bunch of rich kids who come from money, but know where they come from, they appreciate it and will be even more successful after they graduate. Because this school is basically full of kids who, yeah could have had a 3.6-4.0 [Grade Point Average – USA academic measure] throughout high school, could have joined all those clubs, but didn’t, because they lived in highschoool, made memories and might have been underachievers but will make up for it in the long run. Hobart is a place for people who know the meaning of living and don’t waste there time pretending there something they aren’t; or the people everyone wants them to be. Hobart people do what they are good at, like lacrosse, we are good at that, so we put time into that. We don’t waste time on things other people “would like us to be good at”.

2. hobart
Actually Hobart is a city in Tasmania. Tasmania is a small state of Australia that is and Island on the east side of the country. If you go to Hobart you will see people running around with 2 heads that are called Tasmanians.

3. hobart
one who participates in deviant sexual behavior.
Oh my gosh Elaine, I had no idea you were such a hobart!

4. Hobart
The act of being emo, a pussy, or all around self-pity.
“Dude, this tattoo stings like a mofo”
“Quit being such a Hobart, suck it up”

5. hobart
any perverted or immoral person that wears wangsta* clothes and brings porn to school to share with nerds.
omfg stop touching that picture like hobart!

*[Wangsta: A person who tries to act like a gangster or “gangsta” but is really white. Similar to a wigger, but slightly less offensive.]

6. hobart
to clean or wash dishes in an industrial sanitizer of the same name
“Will you hobart those plates and then put them away?

7. hobart
1] a way of life. The best way of life.
2] a handshake that makes the handshakers look like idiots.
3] a life long friend.
hey, hobart! let’s go hobart it up with a hobart handshake!