The purpose of this email is to ask for your help to get a footpath library (Life’s Lessons) started in Hobart which will provide books and magazines to homeless and transient members of our community.

I’m sure most of you know that statistically Tasmanians are the least educated people in Australia. We also have the largest population of homeless young people (aged between 12 and 19 years – many of whom are homeless with the rest of their family) who experience a huge disruption to their education and literacy learning when they don’t attend school frequently or are required to change schools on a regular basis.

There are heaps of services available for homeless or transient people that focus on giving them what they need to survive (food, clothing, temporary shelter). But what these services don’t give homeless people is their dignity, or any opportunity to remain connected to mainstream society through access to services available to the housed community.

We’d like to do something about that. By starting up a footpath/mobile library we will be providing books, magazines and learning resources to homeless and transient adults, children and families. They won’t need a library card or an address to borrow books. We plan to take our library to the people, by setting up outside food vans and visiting shelters and refuges. Our aim is to give homeless and transient people the opportunity to continue their learning, escape from their hardships for a while in the pages of a novel, or bond with their children through the joys of reading.

To start this project off we need your help. We need to collect enough books with enough variety to be able to offer something meaningful to Hobart’s homeless community. We need some of everything – children’s books; teenage fiction; novels; autobiographies; self-help books; textbooks; whatever you have that is readable we’re interested in.

We’d also like you to forward this email on to anyone in the local area who you think would be interested in helping – word of mouth is the best form of advertisement and Tasmanian’s are renowned for their community spirit so please enlist the help of your friends and neighbours.

Books can be dropped at or posted to 47 Wellesley Street, South Hobart. There is a box at the front door for all book donations. If you have a big collection (a box or more) I’m happy to collect it from you – please give Olivia a call on 0402 211 827 to make arrangements.

Thanks for your support.