The Tasmanian Times Tasmanian of the Year Award may only be in its second year, but it stamped its credentials as an award of high quality immediately, with its recognition of Alison Bleaney in 2009.

It is a rare privilege to be able to give some recognition, some acknowledgement, some support and something else as well – a gesture of thanks that will always be there, permanent in hearts and minds – that has some real value, based in respect and trust and love.

That is what the Tasmanian Times Tasmanian of the Year Award has managed to do in spades this year, as it did with the inaugural award last year.

When Frank Nicklason accepted his award in Hobart on October 29, he graciously downplayed the extraordinary hardships he has endured over the last few years – almost a decade in fact – but then, that’s Frank.

This is what the award to Frank was all about, and this is what was written on the award itself:

“For his enduring courage, his selfless professionalism and his principled care on behalf of the health and welfare of the people of Tasmania”.

There is no doubt that the standard now set by Tasmanian Times, in terms of the values it stipulates for its Tasmanian of the Year Award, is a standard which is second to none within the civic awards structure in Tasmania.

There is no doubt that any worthwhile history of Tasmania written in the future will pay due attention to the humane, selfless and courageous work of the first two recipients of the Tasmanian Times Tasmanian of the Year Award, Alison Bleaney and Frank Nicklason. They represent what is best and most precious within Tasmanian communities. Their aspiration and vision for the present and future social-economic-environmental health of Tasmanians questions, and questions again, without fear or favour, what they see as threats to that present and to that future.

Absolutely, without fear or favour.

In the third year of the award, next year, it would be wonderful, in my view, if both Alison and Frank could share the stage together, with the 2011 Tasmanian Times Tasmanian of the Year, and that we could then again applaud their efforts on our behalf.

That would indeed set a high standard for Tasmanian of the Year in 2011.

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CAUGHT! Frank you’re a champ!

… with social pics by Giles Hugo and Sue Tuffin, and Phil Lohrey!

Alison, You Beauty

First published: 2010-11-01 01:44 AM