The long awaited soft-cover release of the superb Tarkine book is being celebrated today. Originally published in hard cover in 2004, this book was instrumental in the campaign for protection of the Tarkine through it’s portrayal of the beauty and majesty of this wild and ancient place.

“The impact this book had cannot be understated. It took the Tarkine into the lounge rooms of Australia and helped create a love of this place that ultimately led to the protection of 70,000 hectares in 2005, and the 447,000 hectare Emergency National Heritage Listing in 2009.”

“The photographers who contributed to this project have forever changed the way people think of the Tarkine, and have helped us achieve significant conservation gains. This soft-cover release will take the Tarkine to more homes and offices, and ultimately play a role in our campaign for a Tarkine National Park.”

The publisher, Allen and Unwin, has allowed Tarkine National Coalition to host the launch of this soft-cover release, and we will be making available selected prints from the book as both printed canvas and traditional behind glass framed prints.

When: 5.30pm Monday 22 November

Where: 827 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay