Environment signatories to the “Tasmanian Forests Statement of Principles” today called the Liberals 13-point plan a throwback to the failed forestry policies of the past. They said the stakeholder-led process provided the best chance to forge a sustainable industry and resolve the decades-long dispute over logging.

Phill Pullinger of Environment Tasmania said “We recognise that following the signing of the Statement of Principles, the Liberals had to shift their forest policy”.

“However, the new stakeholder-led process that led to this unprecedented agreement must be followed in implementing it.”

Lindsay Hesketh from the Australian Conservation Foundation said “The approach in the Liberals’ plan looks more like the old ways that put the industry in crisis”.

“We call on all parties to back the new approach that led to the Statement of Principles and follow this process in implementing them.”

“This looks like the kind of plan Robin Gray, John Gay and others put together for the 2004 election to provide poorly targeted subsidies to industry with a minimalist environment outcome. This approach led the industry into the current train-wreck.”

“This is a rare moment in time for Tasmania – there is finally a moment when the timber industry and environment groups have reached agreement on a new way of doing business in Tasmania,” said Paul Oosting from The Wilderness Society.

“Only by continuing this approach can we follow through and achieve better outcomes for the environment and for the industry.”