LGBT Media Statement
Friday November 19th 2010


The Burnie Advocate has become the second Tasmanian daily newspaper to endorse marriage equality.

Referring to Monday’s Roy Morgan poll showing the North-West Coast of Tasmania is no longer one of the nation’s most homophobic regions, today’s Advocate editorial states,

“It is pleasing to see the North-West Coast is becoming less homophobic…However, more needs to be done. Out attitude towards homosexuals and their right to marry needs to change. There is no logical argument against gay marriage. There are many countries that have been progressive enough to allow it and funnily enough the sky hasn’t fallen in. If you think about it, it’s really simple. If two people love each other, why should they not be allowed to marry?”

The Advocate’s endorsement of marriage equality comes a day after the newspaper published a column by senior Advocate journalist, Sean Ford, endorsing marriage equality and dismissing religion as a basis for discrimination against same-sex couples, and a week after a similar editorial endorsement of the issue by the Hobart Mercury.

The North-West Coast of Tasmania was the centre of the strident movement against decriminalising homosexuality in Tasmania in the 1990s and again hit the headlines in 2007 when gay developers living in the township of Penguin were subject to a gay-hate campaign.

Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group spokesperson, Rodney Croome, who grew up on Tasmania’s North-West Coast, congratulated the Advocate for showing leadership on the issue and said the editorial is further evidence of widespread support for marriage equality.