Paul Watson: Just a few details on the new vessel. We have not named the vessel yet because we are looking to sell naming rights.

Although not paid for, the vessel has been secured. We just need to pay back the loan.

The vessel will depart with the Bob Barker and the Steve Irwin with a completely refitted new engine and two propellers.

It is larger than the Ady Gil, not as fast, but fast enough for our purposes, it is stronger, carries more crew, fuel and supplies and will suit our needs perfectly. We now have three ships, an upgraded helicopter, eighty crew, new equipment and I believe we will be more effective this year than last year, and last year was a very effective year.

I was very tempted to name the vessel “Godzilla.” but we need a sponsor.


Sea Shepherd’s New Interceptor Vessel Revealed


a unique high-tech 35 m (115 ft) stabilized monohull twin diesel powered vessel
Beam overall 14 m
Main Engines Cummins
Power 2 x 261 kW
Max Speed 24 knots
Cruising Speed 22 knots
Fuel 16,000 litres
Range 3,500 nm
Accommodation 12 to 16
Construction Glass sandwich
via Jon Sumby