Location – Hobart Showground Sunday Market


Yesterday, on the Sunday 10 October, 2010, a world first was happening. The record books have been rewritten in terms of civic engagement. As Bill Mckibben, founder of the 350.org, an International Climate Action Campaign stated in the lead up to the event,“This won’t just be the most widespread day of carbon-cutting action in the planet’s history–it will be the most widespread day of just about anything the earth has ever seen”.

Climate Action Hobart and Environment Tasmania Volunteers joined millions of people from over 180 different countries across the globe in getting to work to find solutions to the climate crisis. As part of the 10:10:10 Global Work Party, members collected recyclable aluminium cans and other materials from the Hobart Showgrounds Sunday Market in an attempt to raise awareness about the carbon emissions of landfill and waste. “Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to power a computer for 3 hours”, Climate Action Hobart and Environment Tasmania spokesperson Emma Anglesey stated.

The global work parties, which ranged from solar installations to tree plantings, were designed to send a clear message: citizens are getting to work on climate solutions and so should their politicians. “Politicians may still be debating climate change, but citizens are getting to work solving it,” said Bill McKibben.

Local percussion band “Grand Master Trash” helped get market-goers in the mood using recycling bins as drums to highlight the importance of reducing waste to landfill. The last sunday market before the Royal Hobart Show, proved to be very popular, with the good weather bringing out the crowds and volunteers were kept very busy diverting lots of recyclable materials out of the waste stream..
“It’s vital that people start to think about where their waste is going and how energy intensive the production of day-to-day materials really is. Reusing and recycling materials is a great way to minimise our carbon footprint, as Climate Action Hobart advocates in our 10 Steps for a Safe Climate”

We encourage people to check out the www.350.org for further information and inspiring images.

Climate Action Hobart and Enviroment Tasmania would like to thank the Royal Hobart Showground Sunday Market for their support of this 10:10:10 Global Work Party. The markets will recommence on Sunday the 31st of October
Emma Anglesey