Members of Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania will hold a dignified vigil at the World
Egg Day event in the Elizabeth Street Mall on Friday.

Spokesperson Neon Lang
‘While the world celebrates eggs as ‘healthy’ foods, they are far from healthy for the
millions of chickens involved in intensive farming operations producing eggs. Millions
and millions of these bright, intelligent birds live short lives of wretched suffering so
that people can eat eggs’.
AACT says that more than 11 million hens are confined to battery cages, with space
less than the size of an A4 sheet of paper to live their miserable lives. Others in barn
laid systems and some commercial free range systems face similar deprivations
including overcrowding and de‐beaking. Male chicks, who are no use to the egg
industry, are killed at a day old by mincing or gassing.
‘Chickens used in the intensive farming for their eggs are arguably the most abused
of all animals used in factory farming’, continued Mr Lang. ‘We would like to remind
people that eggs are not necessarily a healthy food for people, much less the poor
chickens, who never get to feel fresh air, freedom or sunshine. We want to
encourage people to shop with their consciences, and refuse to buy ANY factory
farmed animal products, including eggs, chicken and pork products’.
Neon Lang