Readers of Mercury will be delighted to know that it is second only to its circulation-leading sister Daily Telegraph in publishing spin-derived news. A Crikey survey reveals that Mercury news late last year was 67 per cent derived from Media Releases or articles derived from other forms of public relations or promotions.

And by a whisker, second to The SA Advertiser in the percentage of PR-driven content in which no significant journalism was done

Crikey: The spin cycle: how your newspaper fared

There were 2203 separate stories analysed across 10 newspapers between September 7 and 11, 2009 to determine whether they were initiated by public relations or promotions. The study found that nearly 55% of stories analysed were driven by some form of public relations — a media release, a public relations professional or some other form of promotion.

The 10 newspapers were the hard-copy editions of The Australian Australian Financial Review, The Advertiser (Adelaide), The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Mercury (Hobart), The Australian, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald and The West Australian.

Here’s what came out in the wash:



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