Book launch – Levee Line and Martial Law by Graeme Calder -from Aboriginal Tasmania history series in Swansea, Saturday 15 May

Levee Line and Martial Law by Graeme Calder will be launched by Tasmanian writer Greg Lehman during the From France to Freycinet Festival on the East Coast of Tasmania this weekend.

This will take place at 4pm at the Swansea Town Hall on Saturday, May 15.

From France to Freycinet is a Tasmanian literary festival auspiced by The Tasmanian Writers Centre and Fullers Bookshop. It takes place over the weekend 15-16 May this year and revolves around the influence of the French influence in Tasmanian History.

The second in the series Studies in the History of Aboriginal Tasmania, Levee Line and Martial Law has been edited by eminent historian Henry Reynolds and published by Fullers Bookshop with assistance from the University of Tasmania.

This is a very readable history of the Aborigines indigenous to the East Coast and Central Highlands and their struggle against the settlement of their land. Calder’s scholarship has been recognised internationally and is a testament to the vibrant story that is the history of Tasmania.

All are welcome to attend this free event.
Refreshments will be served.