Syngenta must be worried about the EPA review, this is what they put out for Earth Day!!!


Earth Day is a good time to recognize the vital role the herbicide atrazine places in protecting the environment and promoting responsible land stewardship, according to Syngenta.

(PRWEB) April 22, 2010 —

As people around the world recognize Earth Day, Syngenta notes that it’s also a good time to recognize the vital role the herbicide atrazine plays in protecting the environment and promoting responsible land stewardship. Besides helping to effectively and affordably control a broad spectrum of weeds, atrazine is essential to conservation tillage and no-till systems in agriculture that can reduce soil erosion by up to 90 percent, when compared to intensive tillage.

When using atrazine products, farmers in the United States are turning more to conservation tillage and no-till systems. In 2008, atrazine was applied to more than 60 percent of conservation tillage and no-till corn acres, according to the Conservation Tillage Information Center.

Atrazine-enabled no-till agriculture provides huge environmental benefits: Because of its vital role in weed control and popularity in more than 60 countries around the world, atrazine has been carefully studied for years. World-renowned institutions including the World Health Organization, the National Cancer Institute and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) all have studied atrazine and found no health concerns when used as directed.

“Atrazine continues to pass the most stringent regulatory standards for safety,” said Chuck Foresman, technical brand manager for Syngenta. “In 2006, the EPA re-registered atrazine for crop protection use. And Syngenta works closely with growers in many watershed projects and in other stewardship programs to ensure that atrazine is used according to EPA guidelines and best management practices we’ve helped develop.”

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Meanwhile, the EPA in the States is re thinking it’s regulatory position on Atrazine as we speak!

In the article Syngenta says:

Syngenta, the leading manufacturer of atrazine, it says that years of research have proven that the pesticide is safe. The Swiss-based company has stood by the safety of its product ever since the EPA announced its plans to reevaluate the pesticide.

Tim Pastoor, a principal scientist for Syngenta, called the agency’s decision to reexamine atrazine “unnecessarily burdening EPA, a waste of tax payers’ money, and a tremendous amount of work.” He expects no new regulations or any surprises when the EPA concludes its reevaluation.

“It would be mind boggling if any decision other than re-registration was made,” Pastoor said. “If you can’t register atrazine, you can’t register anything.”

Pastoor suggested that pending litigation against Syngenta may have been a factor in the EPA’s decision to reexamine the chemical.