The Forest Practices Authority’s 2009/2010 Co-ordinated Smoke Management Strategy for planned burning is a failure.

Can you believe the aim of the CSMS trial is to try and maximize the amount of smoke pumped into the atmosphere which people breathe?

When nature has had enough of all the plannedburn smoke like last week, it vomits it all over us.

The CSMS trial is a failure because:
• It uses a primitive algorithm to predict weather conditions which are often wrong. The Bureau of Meteorology acknowledges “actual” smoke calculations have considerable uncertainty.
• It is voluntary, many burners are not using it so it flawed.
• Many existing burns are not taken into account so the modeling is wrong.
• Real-time results of the calculations are not being made public.
• All the burns and their details are not on one public accessible internet map.
• It uses airsheds which do not relate to populated areas.
• It says it is safe to burn when wind direction is predicted towards populated areas.
• Burns increase background smoke for some time after the burns are deemed to be out.
• It is secretive and pro burner, i.e., not for the benefit of the greater population.
• Respiratory patients are suffering badly. Cardiac patients are at high risk.
• Many people will have their lives shortened as a result of the raised smoke levels.
• Health effects from particulate matter occur after exposures of just 2-4 hours or less in duration of wood smoke at the 12 – 29ug/m3 range (Koenig et al. 1993)
• Readings have been up in the 100’s of ug/m3 for hours at a time here in Tas.

The burning of forest industries waste must stop and the failed FPA’s smoke trial must end.

HERE: Malini Alexander, earlier on Tasmanian Times: Forestry smoke: This is outrageous and indefensible