Finally we see how self-similar the two parties’ policies are. We’re in safe hands!

Australia and NATO has put troops in Afghanistan to help free the people there from tyranny, which has sometimes involved blowing Afghani civilians up with unmanned remote controlled drones.

How do they show their gratitude?

By escaping to Australia by boat without joining the queue!!

These freeloaders choose to pay their life savings to evil people smugglers and then sit in clapped out boats for weeks or months, risking their lives and those of their families on a desperate bid for freedom.

Why?! When they can join the queue and wait an extra few years and then buy an airline ticket!

Now, at last our federal government has decided that these refugees won’t be ‘processed’ when they arrive.

Knowing this, presumably people smugglers will now say to their clients ‘I’m sorry Mrs Habibi, but Australia will no longer process your family’s application so I cannot, in all conscience, take your money.’

Hence the evil people smugglers will forget Australia, the boats will stop and the people trying to escape a land that we are already helping so much with troops, weapons and advisors will just have to join the queue like everybody else.

That’ll learn ‘em!

Doubtless this brilliant initiative will be coupled with the usual effective government communications programs…

•huge billboards in Afghanistan explaining the lack of administrative processing capacity in Australia and,
•saturation ‘shock’ TV ads and
•leaflet drops over the Indian Ocean, and
•buoys in the Indian Ocean with ‘Go Back. No processing ahead’ cleverly written in Afghani so that only they get the message.

Surely that will stop desperate people trying to escape our war.

And if they think they can work in fruit picking or bush clearing etc, they can think again, we aren’t going to let them put Pacific Islands people on temporary work visas out of work.

And with the federal solution, everyone can participate. We get to contribute our share by paying to incarcerate these desperate victims of a war that we helped to create and are perpetuating.

We must realize that when Australian administrators get desperate, their hands are forced.

What else can they do?

‘We cannot process any more applications with the facilities and staff that we have. We need more budget and bigger departments.’

‘Well, if we cannot process them, let’s publicise. That will act as a deterrent to people smugglers and justify appropriate increases to our budgets in future The asylum seekers can wait while we can get our priorities right.’

About 4,500 people have suffered through horrendous circumstances to seek refuge in this country of ours that is shooting people in theirs. The migrant intake into Australia is between 200,000 and 300,000 per year so this is a whopping 2% or so of the total. It’s terrifying.

What is REALLY scary is that these people are tough and determined and have learned to deal with unimaginable hardships. By their actions they have demonstrated that they do not respect our authorities or our politicians and are prepared to risk everything to protect themselves and their families.

Australia doesn’t need their sort.

Mike Bolan

is a complex systems consultant, change facilitator and executive/management coach.
Note. The author welcomes constructive criticism and new information that adds to our understanding of these matters.